“Once in KULA, Always in KULA”

Want to know what I’ve been super jazzed about the last couple of days? My new Southwest credit card.

Not only do I get to help build an exquisite credit score for myself (exciting!), but I get to earn point for flights while doing it. I don’t know why I didn’t get something like this earlier. Literally, my goal in earning money is so that I can save up for flights and traveling. It makes sense that I have something that helps me get to those goals quicker. Enter my credit card.

But I’ve never had a rewards card before. I know that reward systems with credit cards and loyalty programs have been all the rage for customers and companies for quite some time. Most of these programs were created in the 80′s been have really ignited in the past 15 years. I equate them to something like Chuck E. Cheese for adults. You play by the rules (pay your fees and spend money), collect your tickets (rewards points), and pick your prizes (bags, gadgets, hotel stays, flights).

The reason why companies are able to make all of these offers is the a large percentage of the rewards go unclaimed every year. Apparently, the value of unredeemed reward points every year is close to $16,000,000,000. Incredible!

But now you can convert those unused points into Kula—the new currency for giving.

KULA is a brand new company, just launched at this month’s South By Southwest Conference, designed to support nonprofits. And according to them, “being a philanthropist has never been easier and more convenient.” And really it’s true.

In a day where convenience is key and finances are slim, people want to make a difference without much change to the routine or wallet too drastically. KULA offers that. A large chunk of the American public already owns credit cards or are members to these loyalty programs. Why not take the benefits of your spending habits and funnel that into a charity? Can there really be a better reward than helping out your favorite nonprofit without breaking your own bank?

Just trade in for some Kula and you got it. Kula is based on the trading system from Papua New Guinea believing that the more one gives, the richer they become. They also believe that both agents in the transaction grow from it and are therefore, permanently bonded….once in Kula, always in Kula. Awesome concept.

Edge of Seven connected with KULA a couple of months ago. As a young organization, they’re constantly looking for ways to promote Edge of Seven and forge new relationships with other inspiring groups that create unique and mutually beneficial connections with the public.

KULA does that fabulously.

Find out more about KULA at the their website (www.kulacauses.com) and click here to read a interview with the founder.